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TICKETS 300 Westminster Road, P.O. Box 372, Reisterstown, MD 21136 410-833-7220

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The Promise 2018

Easter at Northwest Baptist Church in Reisterstown, Maryland looks a little different than it may at other churches. We don't just remember and read about what Christ did for us- we relive it.

You too, can experience God’s promise of help, healing, and ultimate salvation in a new yet timeless way this year and renew your faith in the God who loves, forgives, and is the Light in darkness.

"The Promise" is a free, family-friendly, dramatic retelling of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ with a compellingly relevant setting and beautiful music, and a talented cast and crew of over 100 people from churches and communities throughout the state. It’s a modern musical take on the traditional passion play that will take you back in time, allowing you to experience the raw emotions and beauty of Christ’s miracles, healing, and forgiveness that will have you clapping and cheering along with the crowd, mourning as you see what God’s ultimate sacrifice cost Him, and on your feet with joy as you understand how His death and resurrection can bring you peace no matter your circumstances.

You’ll watch Grandma, Mom, and Emily as they continue the family tradition of reading the real Easter story, and journey into Bethlehem as they see the magnificence of the heavens on the night of Jesus’s birth. Their story continues into Jerusalem as they read about the miracles Jesus performed and see how God fulfilled his Promise to defeat Satan and death once and for all. You’ll celebrate with them as they rediscover how important this Promise is; how it is never ending, and never broken, and why the story needs to be told, more than ever, to everyone on earth today!

How to Audition for THE PROMISE 2018

Are you interested in having a specific role (part with lines) or a solo in The Promise this year? Please come out to audition! 

Saturdays, October 14 & 21 
10am-12pm and 1-3pm, and 
Sundays, October 15 & 22 

You do not need to have anything prepared in advance. Please contact Sheila Oland for a list of available parts, if you'd like a copy of the script, and/or with any questions. Those interested in an ensemble role only do not need to attend. Invite friends from nearby churches to come! or 443 280 1635

Meet The Director

Sheila Oland

As someone who has been involved in this ministry since it was first brought to Northwest, I am thrilled to continue as director this year. This show is so special- during the time of year set aside to specifically remember Christ's sacrifice for us, what better way than to immerse yourself in what we imagine that time might have been like? Come sit beside Jesus as He gives the sermon on the mount, wave your palm leaves in glory and praise, watch Him perform miracles, cry as you see Him give His life so that you might be saved, and rejoice as He defeats death and returns, triumphant, to Heaven. Get your tickets now by pressing the ticket link below.

Sheila Oland, Director.


Where Is The Church Located? Northwest Baptist Church is conveniently located at the intersection of MD-140 and I-795. 300 Westminster Road, Reisterstown, MD 21136. Click Here For Directions